First Time FLYers – Buy 1 get 1 Free $34 pass (30 days expiry)

10 Class Pass – $199 (90-day expiry)

20 Class Pass – $305 (120-day expiry)


Flexible membership options available! Reach out to make FLY part of your regular routine.

Class Descriptions

SimpliFLY Level 1 Beginner FLY Bungee

Our Level 1 SimpliFLY class is a starting point for all FLYers. Learn the basic techniques of bungee fitness from balance, squats, jumps and burpees. Take this class as often as needed until you feel comfortable with these basic movements and FLY terminology. This class will get the heart rate up, all whilst having fun. Note: you must take 5 Level 1 classes before enrolling into a Level 2 class

Level 1 /2 Transition FLY Bungee

Ready to explore some level 2 skills but not quite sure you are ready for the intensity of a level 2 class? Our Transition class is perfect for that, the pace of a Level 1 with dedicated time given to exploring Level 2 skills and how they might fit into a routine.

ModiFLY Level 2 Intermediate FLY Bungee

Our Level 2 ModiFLY class is the next step in your FLY journey. In our ModiFLY class you will perfect the basic techniques of bungee fitness from balance, squats, FLYs and burpees whilst raising the intensity and skill level. This class brings the foundations of FLY aerial to life NOTE - You must have taken at least 5 Level 1 classes before enrolling into Level 2.


Balance is a great recovery option for those working hard in our other classes or as the perfect wind down to your week. We spend 45 minutes focusing on all the large muscle groups, finding centre & alignment whilst lengthening and restoring the built up tension in your body. This class is for all levels no previous experience necessary.

Bungee BLAST

Full body Strength & Conditioning 40 min workout BLAST those buns & biceps and all the muscles in between. Hand weights and booty bands are used as a complimentary challenge to bungee resistance training. This class is low impact perfect for anyone keen for a challenge that may be rehabilitating from injury, during pregnancy or just wanting a good burn session.


Ensuring your experience at FLY is well rounded and offering all you need to stay on top of your fitness goals our Bootcamp sessions are the perfect compliment to your weekly routine. Guided by our qualified and experienced Personal Trainers with a focus on body alignment and building strength & cardio fitness consciously. 45 min sessions.


Combining the best of our Bungee Classes into one hit out session. 45 mins of FLY Cardio teamed with BLAST strength & conditioning a sure all over body burner. We suggest taking at least 1-2 FLY Level 1 classes prior to this combo session.


Short on time?? We got you! This in harness hit out will ensure to get the heart rate lifted and body moving. 3 FLY tracks 3 BLAST tracks High intensity x Resistance training 35min total body workout